“The Journey of One Thousand Miles begins with a single step…”2016-07-08 08.02.42

Today marks the end of T minus 3 weeks until we leave Pullman. Stresses are high, lists get longer, everything is out of place. Packing up your whole life is a major endeavor. About 4 weeks ago, we suddenly realized that we didn’t really have enough room to store our things. With all things, there are sequences: you can’t go to Africa before you rent your house, can’t rent your house unless you pack your stuff, can’t pack your stuff if you have nowhere to put it…

So, we decided to replace the insulation and then put in plywood floors into the attic and the eaves of the house. Here are some classy pictures of our endeavor. Packing, Packing, Packing, Packing, Packing!


2016-07-08 08.02.322016-07-08 08.02.192016-07-07 22.57.20