The Lone Star State



I (Will) arrived in Texas for training yesterday after getting up early (4am) to catch the flight from Boise. Bags and everything got through, so that is a blessing!

Today was my first day of IS training with the admins at Mercy Ships’ International Operation Center. There are some interesting network appliances that are new to me and some apps to get things down to size for the very meager internet connection aboard the ship. All in all, it was fun to meet new people and good to play with the new variety of apps.

Briana is still in McCall for one more day and then she will join me here in Texas. Weather is HOT and humid. In the 90’s during the day and 70’s at night. Feels good to be inside in air conditioning.

Good news from Benin and the ship–yesterday marked the end of three weeks of setup and pre-screening so tomorrow they will start up the hospital and the first surgeries for this field season. Apparently they had a very hearty welcome in Benin, with a huge celebration to welcome the ship including singing, dancing, and a speech from their first lady and minister of health. I will link in some videos below if I can find them online.

Miss you all and God bless!