Everything That Has Breath

Imagine having a dance party every week during church. I’m not talking about a little bit of swaying back and forth, but everyone’s up on their feet in a conga line around the church with big smiles on their faces and hand clapping rhythmically.

The past couple of Sundays, we had the opportunity to visit two local churchesimg_20161116_122359320crop.The first was called Back to the Word Ministries, a small recently founded church. From the start, we knew it was a place of joy and refreshment. Besides the conga-line-style worship that included every member of the church from babies to grandmas, what struck us about the body of believers was their commitment to following Christ’s words. In the closing prayer, Pastor Roguy surprised us by praying for the United States. Specifically, he prayed for American believers that would we come together in love following our elections. This really blessed us. Please return these prayers and pray for the Back to the Word church of Cotonou, Benin and for Pastor Roguy (see picture).

On Sundays aboard the Africa Mercy, there is also a lively service down in the hospital wards. The chaplain began the service with Psalm 150:6 and telling about her delight that we were experiencing the nations worshiping God together. Since orthopedic surgeries (surgeries for bowed legs and other musculoskeletal deformities) have recently started, nurses kept carrying in kids with full leg casts to join in the celebrations. Those that were able danced (and, wow can they dance!), while others expressed joy in other ways.

It was a real privilege to be with these two bodies of believers, different in some ways, but both so full of God’s joy and hope. “Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6