Equipping to Serve-Briana’s Role with Mercy Ships

My role on the Africa Mercy is to prepare and equip crew to do their work with Mercy Ships.

The watermen and other deck crew

This looks a bit different for each crew member. For example, I have been developing a training series for managers, to give tips and strategies to more effectively manage their teams in the hospital, on the deck, for the chaplaincy, in the operating rooms, in engineering, etc. I will also be facilitating new crew member training on culture and safety. And, for some crew members, I identify available online training to meet their learning needs.

Zaina and Briana in a computer tutoring session

Franco, Mercy Ships crew from Madagascar

One thing I’ve been enjoying is providing basic computer training and tutoring so that crew can do their work more efficiently. For the watermen (the guys that make sure we have adequate supplies of clean water), I provided training in Excel so that they could more accurately and efficiently do their monitoring on spreadsheets. Zaina, a Malagasy woman who works in housekeeping, wanted to improve her computer skills so that she can do other roles on the ship. Franco, who works in hospital supply and reception, needed to improve skills in maintaining inventories.

It’s a real privilege to work with each of these amazing people, helping them grow and be prepared for the roles to which God has called them!