Spicing-up Life on the AFM

It’s not all work on the Africa Mercy (AFM).

A few weeks ago, we had out very own “Chopped competition. For those of you who haven’t seen the TV show, it is a cooking competition in which chefs must incorporate unusual combinations of ingredients into dishes that are later tasted by a panel of judges. At the beginning of each round, the chefs are each given a basket containing mystery ingredients that they must use in their dish and are given  a certain amount of time to complete their cooking.

For the AFM version, Briana teamed up with her Filipino friend, Nina, to form the “Spice Girls” team. In the first basket of food, were giant Cameroonian prawns, very spicy peppers, a local cassava concoction known as “miondo” and okra. The “Spice Girls” cooked up some spicy shrimp pasta with garlic cassava encrusted okra and made it to the dessert round. The second basket of ingredients held plantains, local coffee and cassimango. After racing to complete an assortment of crepes filled with the mystery ingredients, Briana and Nina presented their dessert to the judges who declared them the AFM Chopped champions for 2017!

Main course featuring miondo and Cameroonian shrimp pasta


2017 Chopped Champs