Cameroon Photos and Tent Pack Up Before Sail

I realized two things over the last few weeks when checking on this blog…
Firstly, I saw that 90% of the photos on this blog were of Briana, with very few of me, and secondly that we were pretty sparse on sharing photos anyways.
So now without further ado, I present to you… a mostly random collection of photos, several from the last few months,
many at the bottom from the last few weeks of pack-up, all uploaded here before our internet gets shut off for the sail

(Sorry in advance if it takes a long time to load and/or does funny things with the layout.)

Desmond’s Father Mr Foncha

Honoring our CAMTEL Internet representatives: (M Nzie and M Elvis) at the Partner’s Reception

A visit to Desmond’s Presbyterian Church in March



Desmonds Family Visits the Ship

Visit to Desmond’s Father’s House in Douala

Installing Wifi Card with Biomed technician Larry Hewitt in an Omnicell Anesthesia Cart in the OR

2018 March IS Crew

2017 October IS Crew

Maurice and Yida survey the port view

2018 Cameroon Agricultural Center Visit (Where’s Willdo?)

Another Day in Douala

The Party Continues : Packing up Tent Cabling with Desmond





























Our 3x Medical Tents are set up on the Dock and house our patients and nurses during the day doing Screening, Admissions & Rehabilitation.  These tents get packed full of all the gear the nurses would need to do their work – namely Computers, Toys for kids, and Medical gear.  Before the Sail all that stuff needs to get packed up, deflated, untied, un-ziptied, dismantled, organized, cleaned, wrapped for transport, labelled, and packed up again into a storage container which gets shipped directly to our next country.


Then there were 2…


Then there was one…


Then there was none…