Good Friends – Onboarding Family

To our onboarding family,

Thanks for being our family here on board, you made our time here so much better.  We really will never forget the good times and adventures we had together abroad. You guys are the best!


So without further ado, here is a giant mix of photos from our last two years on board.

These are not in chronological order, and are taken from the instagram accounts of Silke Kessing Galama, Ruben Galama, and Kim Sanchez. Truly some remarkable and beautiful photography – well done!

Thanks for inviting us into the Texan, Dutch, German, and Filipino families, and inviting us along on adventures!
We will miss you!

I now know: sprinkles are appropriate for all occasions; breakfast, lunch, dinner… anytime!



Guys, it’s been an amazing two years and you have a special place in my heart.
I’m not sure what we’re going to do without you.
Thanks for being our ship family.  You will always have a place in our hearts and in our homes.


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