NatGeo – Surgery Ship

So, for several months when we arrived on the ship in 2016 a National Geographic team was on board the ship filming these epic stories about the the patients, families, and crew living and working on board & the transformation of lives through free surgeries.  Although Briana and I were not directly involved in any of the filming or film crews, we got to hang out and rub shoulders with the majority of the people who were featured, and we know them all by name.  When the final editing and production was finished, we joined the whole crew in watching the premier.  We really enjoyed this series because it is a great overview of all the work that the ship is doing and the final outcomes – it’s a really impactful show (I’m not biased, really).

After watching it last year on board, we were super excited and then the show was released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand & Europe… but wasn’t yet released in the USA?!

Now, it’s finally been released, and the first episode can be watched online for free here at the National Geographic website.
Check it out and let us know what you think!