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On Boarding

We had our first official day of class today at the Mercy Ships base in Tyler, Texas. Everyone at Mercy Ships are extremely welcoming and we really are loving our on-boarding/training group that we’re living with. We are 9 people altogether that will also travel together to Africa. It’s an extremely mixed and talented bunch […]

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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Being out of my comfort zone is beginning to feel like the new normal. It began earlier this summer as we began to pack up or give away our belongings (see pictures). As we packed the boxes and stashed them away, it was clear that we were putting away more than just what was physically […]

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“The Journey of One Thousand Miles begins with a single step…” Today marks the end of T minus 3 weeks until we leave Pullman. Stresses are high, lists get longer, everything is out of place. Packing up your whole life is a major endeavor. About 4 weeks ago, we suddenly realized that we didn’t really […]

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